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Rabinovich: The involvement of Iran and Hezbollah would be a tragedy

Avi Rabinovich, israeliano, Secretary General of the international
organization LACDE Local authorities confronting disaster and emergencies

As I write this article, I have just returned from seeking shelter due to another rocket attack on my city. Tragedy is an undeniable aspect of life, capable of striking at any moment and causing immense devastation. However, even within the depths of tragedy, a glimmer of hope persists. There is always the potential for something new and better to emerge.

One valuable perspective to consider when examining tragedy and the opportunities that may arise is through the lens of resilience. Resilience is the remarkable ability to bounce back from adversity, finding inner strength and hope in the face of challenging circumstances.

Individuals who possess resilience can view tragedy as a chance for learning and personal growth. They have the capacity to uncover fresh opportunities and innovative ways to navigate their lives.

In recent events, Hamas’s incursion into Israel resulted in the tragic loss of 1,400 lives, including babies, children, men, women, and the elderly, with an additional 4,000 people wounded. Unlike the Nazi regime, which concealed its actions, Hamas broadcasted these events worldwide, drawing comparisons to extremist groups like ISIS.

From a strategic standpoint, Israel initially believed that providing employment opportunities to 20,000 people in Gaza would lead to a more peaceful situation. Meanwhile, Hamas may have perceived a division in Israeli society concerning the issue of judicial review.

Throughout these trying times, national resilience has been crucial. The conflict has unified Israel, with civil society taking the lead where the government’s response was lacking. This underscores the importance of LACDE local authorities confronting disasters and emergencies, a topic that organizations like COPPEM should consider.

Israel is determined to remove Hamas as both a military and governing entity in Gaza.

Amid these challenges, there is hope that the Palestinian Authority may return to Gaza, potentially with the support of Arab nations and the democratic world. This could transform Gaza into a thriving hub in the Middle East, much like Hong Kong.

However, the potential tragedy lies in the involvement of Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah, in Lebanon. Such involvement could lead to the destruction of Lebanon, a nation grappling with governance issues and financial instability, possibly triggering a global conflict.

Despite being 72 years old and having witnessed and participated in wars since 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 1986, and 2023, I continue to advocate for peace through international organizations, with COPPEM being one of them.