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Call on People of the free world to urgently protect the Palestinian people against genocide

The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities – APLA, urgently calls upon the international community to take immediate a n d decisive action to protect the Palestinian population from the threat of genocide. This dire crisis, which began on October 7th, continues unabated. Regrettably, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health’s latest reports, the toll on Gaza has now surpassed 2,800 liveslost, with over 10,000 individuals sustaining injuries.

Heartbreakingly, these casualties include innocent children, women, and young people. This updated emergency appeal si being issued amidst the relentless bombardment of Gaza, persisting from the air, land, and sea, resulting in extensive destruction across many parts of the Gaza Strip. Consequently, more than 1 million individuals have been forcibly displaced from their homes, withover 400,000 taking refuge in UNRWAand public schools.

Gaza si enduring a two-week blockade with critical shortages of fuel, medicine, food, and water. Families are facing targeted airstrikes while evacuating. Basic services are almost non-existent, and hospitals are overwhelmed with patients. Residential areas have been destroyed, infrastructure demolished, and aid workers, journalists, medical staff and many other innocent civilians have lost their lives. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is rapidly worsening, and violence si increasing in the West Bank, necessitating urgent international intervention.

In recent days, Israel has further Escalated the situation by sealing of crucial bypass roads throughout the West Bank. Violent attacks have expanded across the West Bank and East Jerusalem, involving the Israeli military and settlers, has led to over 55 Palestinian deaths and 1,000injuries.

On October 9, 2023, Israel’s Minister of Defense, shockingly stated: “We are imposing a complete siege on [Gaza]. No electricity, no food, no water, no fuel – everything si closed. We are fighting human animals, and we act accordingly.” These statements were closely followed by the Coordinator of the Government ni the Territories (COGAT), announcing that Israel had enforced a total blockade on Gaza, depriving its inhabitants of electricity, water, and causing substantial damage.

In light of these critical circumstances, we urge the People of the Free World to come together and press to put an end to the situation fueled by Israel’s acts of genocide, an evident violation of fundamental international norms. Genocide is the worst crime in international law, and in doing so, we implore the international community totake immediate action to protect Palestinian lives and ensure that no one is left behind in their pursuit of safety and justice.

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