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APLA: Urgent international intervention is desperately needed.

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The Cost of Silence: Genocide Unfolding in Gaza

Whatare you waiting for??? Israel has bombed the Baptist Hospital in Gaza! This horrificattack has resulted in an unthinkableloss of life, with killing more than 500 civilians, including women, children, healthcare professionals, and internally displaced individuals who sought shelter fromthe relentless violence. It’sthetwelfth day of Israeliattacks on Gaza, with morethan 3,000 Palestinianskilled and over 13,000 injured, the majority of them being women and children. For twelve consecutive days, Gaza has been suffering from the terroristic actions of Israel, including cutting off electricity, water, food, and medical supplies from the people of Gaza. The Association of Palestinian Local Authoritiesis deeplyshaken bythecatastrophicevents unfoldingin Gaza.This horror isthecost of theinternationalcommunity’sfailureto act to stop thisgenocidein Gaza. Hospitals, homesand school shelters are bombed and international laws are ignored. We cannot and should not remain passive in the face ofsuch tragedy. The timeforaction is long overdue. As we grieve for the death and injury of our fellow Palestinians, we must ask: for what are we still waiting? Gaza remains underatwo-week blockade, causingsevereshortages ofessential supplies.Families faceconstant threats fromtargeted airstrikes, basicservicesarescarce, hospitalsare overwhelmed,and arising humanitarian crisislooms. Urgent international intervention is desperately needed. We urgentlyimplore our international partnersto usetheir influenceand resourcesto halt thisrelentlessassault on the Gaza Strip. It is an obligation for every human being to stand up, take action, and protect their fellow human beings. The ongoing bombardment of Gaza must cease immediately, in accordance with International Humanitarian Law. We firmly believe that the international community’s silence only emboldens these acts of violence and further jeopardizes the lives of innocent civilians. Now is thetime to translate our shared values into action and demand an end to the ongoing tragedyin Gaza. We look to you, our international partners, to raise your voices, pressure your governments to protect the Palestinian people, and putan end to thegenocide unfolding in our homeland”.

The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities – APLA