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Eng-Amani Ismail: “The war impacts on women in Al-Maghazi camp”.

Since 7th October , 2023, Gaza Strip is exposing to a painful war, no human being, stone, tree, mosque, church, house, or street have been spared from it.
Al-Maghazi camp, like other areas in Gaza Strip is suffering from war, siege, displacement, and a shortage of water and food supplies. The camp was subjected to aerial bombardment for 5 continuous months, as well as a ground invasion during the months of December and January, which hundreds of martyrs and homes were lost and the infrastructure was destroyed during it.
Women also are suffering from the scourge of wars, which have negatively and significantly affected their lives and their physical and psychological health.
For 5 months, a woman is exposing to bombing with tons of explosives that fall on her house while she is safe and perhaps sleeping, which takes her life and the lives of her children. If she does not die from the bombing, she will become disabled or her psychological health will be affected.
Women also are suffering from hunger, lack of food, and hunger Also, the lack of water, which led to a lack of hygiene and the spread of diseases and epidemics.
Women also are facing the hardship of displacement, as they are displaced from the eastern regions of Al-Maghazi to shelter centers crowded with people, and this crowding led to the spread of skin diseases and intestinal epidemics. With the lack of medicines, they are unable to obtain appropriate treatment. Pregnant women also are suffering due to the lack of medical follow-up to take care of their health and the health of her fetus
Finally,We cannot turn a blind eye to the problem of environmental pollution, air pollution from explosions, the emission of toxic gases, and water and food pollution.

Eng-Amani Ismail
Al-Maghazi municipality

Amani Ismail   (versione italiana)