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Interview with Adly Hussein on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Adly Hussein
President of Coppem / Palermo Italy Former governor presso Egypt- Cairo President of the Appeal Court of Cairo / Judge presso The Appeal Court of Cairo Precedentemente General Attorney presso Prosecutor General Ha studiato Bachelor of Laws/Arts presso Cairo University

The situation in Gaza “is spiraling out of control.” This was stated by the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “We need the violence from all sides to stop,” he added. “Every second we wait for aid to arrive, we lose lives.” Gaza is under complete siege by Israel, bombed indiscriminately, with no electricity, no food, no gasoline. The hospital was also hit. How do you describe Israel’s reaction to the Hamas attack?

If Israel has the right to defend itself and fight those who attack it, it does not have the right to demolish homes and hospitals and prevent food, water and medicine.

Can we speak of violations of international law and war crimes?

Both parties violated the rules of international law and international humanitarian law, but the Israeli side committed war crimes and crimes against humanity before the Palestinian people clearly and frankly admitted.

The historic prerequisite was being created for a normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, a fruitful dialogue between the Arab and Israeli worlds in the wake of the Abraham Accords, formalized in August 2020 between Israel, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. How does Iran’s possible support for Hamas, direct or indirect, undermine the already highly unstable balance between the Muslim world and Israel?

I believe that Iran provides direct and indirect support to Hamas and others in the Arab world for fear of an Israeli attack

Hezbollah proclaims an “unprecedented day of rage,” reports Al Arabiya. The “day of rage,” Hezbollah said, will be against Israel and on the occasion of US President Biden’s arrival in the Middle East. Abbas cancels the meeting. What scenario does this Biden, Netanyahu and Herzog summit open up?

In his meeting with Netanyahu, the President Biden affirmed absolute support for Israel in all circumstances as a clear message to both Iran and Hezbollah.

The structural causes of the conflict have historical roots, marked by silence in the face of Israel’s systematic non-compliance with UN resolutions, continued human rights violations and the fragmentation of the West Bank through widespread colonization contrary to international law. The construction of 700 kilometers of impassable wall, the imprisonment of millions of innocent people. In your opinion, is there a difference between employed and occupying in freedom and rights?

The occupier has no rights at all to occupy lands and establish colonization , and their establishment by the occupier is considered a violation according to the rules of international law. Therefore, the rights of Palestinian workers in their occupied territories outweigh any false rights of the occupier.

Thousands of innocent Palestinians, hunted like rats in a limited strip of land, will be victims of this terrifying tragedy that makes no distinction between civilians and Hamas terrorists. After the statements of the Israeli Minister of Defense who promised to treat them like “animals”, can we talk about ethnic cleansing?

The Israeli Minister of Defense’s expression of describing Palestinian civilians or even combatants as animals that must be killed is a blatant expression of ethnic cleansing that is internationally prohibited in accordance with international humanitarian law.

In the face of such a spiral of violence, the response of the international community shows that there is no unanimity in any sense, nor a proposal to progress towards a negotiated solution, confirming the global disorder highlighted in the war in Ukraine. What can be done to avoid a deadly escalation?

Nothing will be achieved as long as those who have veto power in the Security Council prevent every resolution aimed at achieving peace and peaceful negotiations between the two parties to the conflict to establish a Palestinian state in accordance with the rules of international law and United Nations resolutions in this regard.

Does Hamas’ attack strengthen Netanyahu or does it promote peace?

Neither this nor that, in the sense that this does not strengthen Netanyahu nor achieve the desired peace, but rather it is only to restore the Palestinian issue to the priority of the files of the United Nations and worldwide

The radicalism of the far-right government headed by Netanyahu has kept the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip under lockdown since 2007, turning it into the largest open-air prison in the world in continuous daily aggression against the population, violating human rights and systematically destroying basic infrastructure, hospitals and schools, provoking the Hamas offensive. Where have the Oslo Accords remained anchored?

The Oslo Accords stopped a long time ago, and considering these events and what Israel did towards the Palestinians, the Oslo Accords have completely ended.

Is it unthinkable to imagine Jerusalem as the capital of two independent states, Palestine and Israel?

I do not imagine that this will be achieved by having the two states have one capital called Jerusalem, even if half of it is eastern and the other is western.