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Vienna aderisce al COPPEM. Thomas J. Resch è il nuovo membro del Comitato

Mag. Thomas J. Resch, Chief Executive Office of European and International Affairs per la città di Vienna, ha aderito al COPPEM. Thomas J. Resch, rappresenta Vienna in varie organizzazioni interregionali, ha viaggiato molto e ha una profonda conoscenza degli affari internazionali. Mag Resch si è laureato all’Accademia diplomatica di Vienna, è responsabile di progetti internazionali e partenariati tra le città. Il COPPEM ha espresso viva soddisfazione per l’adesione di Resch, che lavorerà in sinergia con il Comitato Permanente.

Pubblichiamo di seguito il testo integrale di Thomas J. Resch:

“In the times of the Austrian Empire *), Vienna attracted many people from various parts of the country. Since these days Vienna is a cosmopolitan city. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Vienna moved again into the heart of Europe and was contacted by many Central and Eastern European cities which have been a part of the empire for an exchange of expertise. The Hungarian – 1956 and Czechoslovak crisis 1968 swept people in or through Austria. And in 1979 Vienna became one of four headquarters of the United Nations and is the only one within the European Union. The contacts and cooperations with the Southern and Eastern shores go back to the times of the Ottoman Empire. Until not long ago parts of the Arab peninsular and Northwest Africa used the Maria Theresien Taler as legal tender. One of the finest and world famous schools for diplomacy, the Diplomatic Academy was founded by Emperess Maria Theresia 1754 as Oriental Academy. Vienna has established herself as a centre for international dialogue, the Campus of the Religions is the most recent example. Vienna does not stop looking at our natural and political borders, such as Central Europe or the EU and therefore is looking forward to get into contact with countries, regions and cities within COPPEM.” 

*) as of 1867 Austro-Hungarian Empire