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COPPEM (Comitato Permanente per il Partenariato Euromediterraneo delle Autorità Locali e delle Regioni – Standing Committee for Euro-Mediterranean Partnership of the Local and Regional Authorities), is a network of Euro-Mediterranean Local Authorities and National Associations of Local Authorities, based in Palermo (Italy). It promotes both dialogue and cooperation for local development between towns, municipalities, Local Authorities and Regions of the member Countries of the Euro Mediterranean Partnership and UfM, and their active and concrete participation in achieving the objectives established within the Barcelona Declaration of ’95, through the financial means of the European Union and of the Public and the Private Bodies of the States of the Euro-Mediterranean area. Both Sicily Region, through a special law, and some local Institutions, have supported COPPEM operativeness since the beginning.
Upon initiative of CEMR (Council of European Municipalities and Regions) and ATO (Arab Towns Organization), following the initial setting up of a regulation agreed upon at Gaza (July 2000) by representatives of Local Administrations, the Standing Committee for the Euro Mediterranean Partnership of Local and Regional Authorities (COPPEM) was established on the occasion of the 1st Plenary Assembly of its Members (Palermo, 27-28 November 2000).
In December 2002, on the occasion of the 3rd Plenary Assembly, the COPPEM non-profit international association has been formally adopted.
Its Bodies are:
the General Assembly
the Presidency Council
the President and Vice-Presidents
the Secretary General
According the last 2010 statute updating, COPPEM is composed by 117 full members and 117 alternate members representing Municipalities, Provinces, Local Authorities and Regions from Countries which signed Barcelona Declaration and from States joined Union for the Mediterranean. Full Members are also the COPPEM Secretary General, a representative of CEMR and a representative of ATO.
For its action, COPPEM identifies 5 priorities: 1. political and institutional cooperation; 2. cooperation between cities and regions; 3. economic and financial cooperation; 4. cultural and environmental cooperation; 5. cooperation for peer opportunities, Human Rights and youth.
On the basis of these fields, we have created relevant working commissions within which COPPEM members can work proposing or simply getting involved in the activities, which the Secretariat is responsible to develop and implement.
COPPEM, moreover, has given an valuable contribution for the creation of ARLEM (Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly): its former Co-Presidents from the South shore were the both COPPEM members and among ARLEM bureau members also one of the COPPEM Vice-President seats; lastly, some ARLEM members are also COPPEM members, which ensures a firm basis for meaningful synergies.
Among the most significant activities carried out in recent years by COPPEM in partnership with other organizations we can mention by way of example:
The I and the II Euro-Arab Cities Forums (www.euroarabforum.malaga.eu) respectively in Dubai and Malaga; Study and Reflexion Days – Inter-Religiosity and Inter-Culture in Palermo (Italy); The production of the Documentary “The different faces of migration between the two shores of the Mediterranean" (broadcasted in Italian and Arabic by satellite channels and shown in several conferences in Strasbourg, Brussels and Athens), “les Rencontres de Tanger” in Morocco, the production of the Documentary “Illegal Fate”, and the relevant photograph exhibition, (www.destinoclandestino.org) broadcasted in several international contexts; International Seminar about “Migration and Development” in Algiers; Euro-Mediterranean debate on “Migration and Development” in Palermo; the I and the II “Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue Night” in Palermo, Murcia, Calcara, Bagheria; the International Conferences “Istanbul:bridges between Cultures” in Istanbul; the International Conferences “Arab Spring: reflexions and Perspectives” in Palermo; the International Conferences: “towards the Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Equality between Women and Men in Local Life” in Istanbul; the I and II Forums “United by the Mediterranean” in Palermo. In addiction one important section of COPPEM activities is focused on international project design.



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