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Agreements between Algerian and Sicilian entrepreneurs

A large delegation from Algeria, headed by the Coppem Vicepresident Mr Noureddin Sbia (President of the Forum Algérien pour la Citoyenneté et la Modernité – FACM) and composed of thirtytwo representatives of Algerian Embassy in Italy, Ministries, Chambers of Commerce, Schools of higher management, commercial and industrial companies in many economic sectors (food, alternative energy, handicraft etc.) have been invited by Coppem to meet in Palermo their Sicilian counterparts from 4 to 7 March 2009. ATQ (Ambiente, Tecnologia, Qualità) and Terre di Sicania Consortium – Palermo - hosted the delegates and organized the meetings at their headquarters. Seven cooperation agreements have been signed under the aegis of Coppem and FACM. 

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