Environment: "Bottom Up" best practices. When the policy starts from the bottom to solve global problems. In Pescara, first meeting of regional coordinators of the Covenant of Mayors

<p style="text-align: justify">Some of the good practices of multi-level governance composed by italian and foreign Coordinators' presentation and sharing. Creation of a network for cooperation between the different coordinators. These are the objectives of the Covenant of Mayors' first meeting that will held in Pescara on 7th may 2013 in D'Annunzio Hall,Aurum.&nbsp;<br /> Organized by Abruzzo Region in synergy with Covenant of Mayors' Organization the event will be focused on three foundamental topics: techincal support, financial support, and local actors cooperation.<br /> The programme is full of speeches with the participation of Ministry of Economic Development, European Commission (DG Energy), JRC of European Commission and CoMO.</p>

Reopening of Europe Office, called Euromediterranean Office

Coppem Secretary General Mr Motta and Referent of IV Commission Mr Sammaritano, welcomed by Mr Orlando, Mayor of Palermo at Palazzo delle Aquile.
During the meeting a full collaboration was stated, collaboration consistent with Mr Orlando's political/administrative programme.Among the objectives, the reopening of Europe Office, called Euromediterranean Office. Palermo Municipality and Coppem, with the confirmation of a agreement protocol, will manage the Office which will be involved in euromediterranean cooperation between local and regional authorities, guided by priciples of Barcelona Declaration, Union for the Mediterranean's Summit of Paris agreement. Mr Motta told to Mr Orlando about the meeting on 27th march with Popular Republic of China's local administrators like the Mayor of Chengdu, in order to start a collaboration. Mr Motta has underlined the importance of this meeting because on september 2012 a delegation of Coppem will be in Chine for partnership relations with euromediterranean and chinese local authorithies.

Fifth edition of the Summer School on "Cultural identity, migration and information"

Dismot Department of University of Palermo and Coppem will organize the fifth edition of the Summer School on "Cultural identity, migration and information". The course, attended by over 50 students and graduates will be held in Marettimo on 12th to 16th September 2011 with the participation of leading national and international speakers.

Partnership between COPPEM and IDEASS

Meetings between representatives of COPPEM - Standing Committee for the Euro Mediterranean Partnership of Local and Regional Authorities – and IDEASS’ international secretariat were held in June 2011 so as to identify possible cooperation areas as far as identification and promotion of innovations for human development within local governments associated with COPPEM are concerned.


On June 20th 2011 representatives of Israeli Mayors went on a mission to Marmaris to
meet their Turkish counterparts.
The initiative for the organization of this important and unprecedented meeting was started
last November 2010, and along these months it required articulated and delicate
preparatory phases, carried out by the General Secretariat of Coppem, with intense
correspondence and direct preparatory meetings with Coppem members of the two
Their valuable and continuous contribution and the availability of the Marmaris Municipality
to host the meeting, have been decisive for the arrangement of the event.
The meeting, moderated by Michele Raimondi who in those months has made any effort
for this initiative to be realized, was held in a climate of open and mutual cordiality, and
determined concrete programmes of joint initiatives, that are hereinafter reported in the
final document that has been signed by the parties.

Tourism and cultural heritages for the development of cities in four countries. The leaders of Coppem welcomed in Tel Aviv by the Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom

The vice prime inister of Israel and minister of regional 
cooperation HE Mr Silvan Shalom has received the Coppem secretary 
general . Carmelo Motta and the coordinator of programmes  
Michele Raimondi.

Barcelona Process

With the Barcelona Conference held on December 1995, Europe tries to find a relationship with Mediterranean Countries reasserting the need of an apposite strategy for the area as token of the historical ancient bonds and geographic reality