This area is given to the works of Coppem's Bodies, especially Presidency Council and Plenary Assembly. Besides, it explains the presence of Committee's Representatives in the different organizations and the participation at meetings


They are the driving force of Coppem's work. In their framework, the five Permanent Commissions put into practice the programmatic directions decided in a plenary level. They have consultative and promotion functions for new activities. 

Programmes and Projects

 The Assembly approves the directions of general politics and establish the actions of Coppem who are implemented in the annual activities' programmes.Pluriennial programmes are developed by Commissions according to the  complexities of the projects. Many projects were realized by Coppem during its ten years. Today, some projects are in course of execution, other have been approved and backed, ready for the start up.The Commissions, agreed with the Secretariat, look after the operative developments.


Coppem has proved in the past and go on developing a strong initiative's ability in the different fields of partnership's policy: peace, stability, security, immigration, economic development, social growth, culture, welfare,environment, infrastructures. Many important meetings were given to these topics which have reported high qualified participations on political, governative and administrative level. 


 They are one of the expressions of the general initiative's framework of Committe in order to deepen themes of highly topical or draft new operative strategies according to the collective bodies.


Here the Coppem News issues are collected, ufficial magazines of the Committee, which has ceased the paper publication. Coppem news, basically, is merged with the Committee's website, edited by Press Office. With Coppem News, many monographic kind's special editions were got together, dedicated to realities or specific problems, and the different press reviews, which prove with press-cuttings, the projection of Coppem on a international and national level.